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Great Rewards, School Accounts, and Class Pages

Great Rewards

Customers earn up to 10% back on purchases

The Teacher's Dojo rewards program gives customers the ability to earn up to 10% of their purchase to be used for future purchases. It's a great program that also drives store loyalty!

The rewards program will drive repeat customers

School Accounts

Teachers can request resources from their school

School Accounts offer a simplified way for teachers to request resources and for Schools to purchase multiple licenses. Teacher discussion groups give teachers the ability to discuss specific products and engage stores.

School accounts are sure to bring more revenue to your store

Class Pages

Teacher members receive a free class web page

Every teacher member receives their own class web page. Teachers can use it to highlight their class, show a calendar of events, supply lists, and much more.

Completely customizable and super-easy to use

Great Royalties, and OMG, WEEKLY payouts!

Great Store Royalties

Up to 85% royalties on your products

Teacher's Dojo offers one of the best royalty programs available for teacher authors. Free Plan members earn 70% of sales from their stores and Pro Plan members earn 85% royalties!

Start earning more with your own store on Teacher's Dojo

Weekly Store Payouts

Payouts are made every Friday morning!

Yes, you read that right. All stores are paid every Friday for their previous week's sales. No waiting long periods of time to get paid your royalties.

You shouldn't have to wait a month or more to get paid :(

Great features for getting noticed and increasing sales!

Store Coupons

Coupons are a fantastic way to drive additional sales

There are many different options available for coupons. Stores can configure coupons to be only available for a limited amount of time, limited to a certain number of redemptions. Discounts can be configured for a percentage off an order or a fixed amount and can be defined for a single product or your entire store.

Start offering coupons to drive additional sales!

Fan Rewards

Reward your fans for sharing new about your great content!

Running your own rewards program couldn't be easier. Fans earn points for sharing your products, your promotions and your store. All points earned are redeemed at YOUR store only!

Start building your social media army today!

Product Giveaways

Gain awareness of your store through giveaway promotions

Giveaways can be configured to run for any length of time and number of winners. We handle all the logistics such as randomly picking winners, notifying winners and giving winners access to their prize.

Running a giveaway promotion couldn't be simpler

Featured Items

Promote your store and products directly on the site

Getting attention on a marketplace is hard. We make it easy. You can run a banner ad on the site or highlight a product, promotion, video, rewards program or your store on the respective site page. It's simple, inexpensive, and effective.

Need to get your store and products noticed, this is the way!

Amazing tools included for every store!

Facebook Tabs

Showcase your store and products directly on Facebook!

Promote your store, products, and promotions directly on Facebook in their very own tab. You can turn on/off different tabs and showcase your store. Make it super easy for your customers to see the fantastic products you offer easily!

Promote where your audience is following you!

Video Marketing

Video creates an advantage you won't find anywhere else!

Integrating video marketing into your online strategy offers important advantages you don't get from written content. Video helps you make a memorable, human connection with your viewers.

Relate to customers on an emotional level!

Image Editor

Create stunning images for marketing and promoting!

The right image can mean success or failure when it comes to promoting your products. Make it easy on yourself! Use one of the hundreds of templates already designed and customize it to fit your message. Templates are available in all styles and sizes for whatever suits your needs.

It couldn't be easier to create stunning images!

Link Tracking

Track all of your external links to see what works!

What external links are working for you? Not sure? Utilizing Link Tracking you can create a tracking campaign for all types of external sources. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, you name it. Use the auto-generated links to be able to effectively see which external sites are working best.

Find out exactly what is working for your store!

FREE Store

Every store includes an all-in-one suite of easy to use marketing and promotional tools.

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